Arcade Cabinet number two ….almost.

I’ve still got a few bits n bobs to finish off on my first arcade machine/Mame conversion and am not really in the market for a second cabinet. However, this one popped up on eBay last week at a rather low price and have been tracking its progress until it finished last night.

It’s a working Sega Virtua Striker arcade machine, listed at £50 to begin with and quite local to our area.


I’m not really interested in the game itself but mainly for large cabinet and large working arcade monitor. Being quite tall, my own arcade machine is slightly too small for me (hence it needs a few adjustments), the control panel is quite cramped and doesn’t allow for much room for 2-up gaming.

However, these white Sega cabinets like this one and those used on titles like Virtua Fighter 1/2 are quick tall, have a nice large monitor and a substantial control panel allowing for plenty of elbow room.

Look at all that space, plenty of modding opportunities here including room to add that trackball I’ve been thinking about. ThIs CP has some damage on the left but that’s easily repairable.


Also, lots of room inside for PC, speakers etc and secret stash of future retro computer purchases I haven’t told Curstie about 😉


Sadly, on the last few minutes before the auction ended, the price increased rapidly and so it wasn’t to be for me this time. I’ll continue to keep a casual eye out though, especially for any Goliath cabinets.


5 responses to “Arcade Cabinet number two ….almost.

  1. You can live inside those bloody sega cabs. I know where there is a big goliath of a cab too 😉
    What’s left to do on your mame cab?

  2. Hey JT,

    I’m not happy with my CP as the clear gloss I applied to the paintjob to give it a nice gloss finished seems to have reacted with the spray paint and is now all cracked. I think I might start again with it….and add a trackball too.

    The monitor is still not at the correct angle so I need to add nail to wood and build some sort of mount.

    I also need to raise the entire cab so I need to fabricate some sort of skirt (with castors too as mine doesn’t have any and it’s a pain to move around in the garage).

    Thats about it..oh on the coin mech needs a slight adjustment.

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