Canvas Rider on Ipad with keyboard?

I’m still playing a heck of a lot of Canvas Rider (see previous post) and thought, wouldn’t it be great to play on the iPad. It’s written in HTML5 so it should at least run shouldn’t it? A quick test shows that is does.

Sadly without any keyboard control on the iPad, you’re little stick biker isn’t going to get very far is he.

Woo, how about using my iCade cabinet – Test Results – Fail 😦

Hmm, how about using a bluetooth keyboard, surely that would work…in fact, i’m typing this post on one right now. Look the cursor key work perfectly so i can place my text……………….

Test Results – Fail 😦

There you have it, Canvas Rider on an iPad is a big fat no. Well certainly not with my kit anyway.

Any Android tablet users out there who can do a similar test?


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