PC Indie Gaming: Platformance – Temple Death.

While filming her latest movie, famous starlet Grace Belly gets abducted by a sect of evil savages. You decide to go and rescue her down the ‘Temple Death’- a place filled with evil traps where only the fools can survive’

Temple Death is a devilishly addictive old school platformer from Magiko Gaming complete with oversized pixel graphics and  bright 16-bit colours. You’ve only got to take a quick peek at the screenshots below to see that it’s influenced by Indiana Jones (or should that be ‘Indie’-ana :-)) and the trap-tastic Rick Dangerous games.

And like Rick Dangerous, it’s full of of traps and pixel perfect jumping action to get you both frustrated and begging for one more go as you make your way through the temple to rescue our maiden Ms Belly.

I had no idea I actual owned this game until this afternoon whilst browsing through some of the Indie Gaming bundles I’d purchased and spotted it  after scrolling down the games list a little more. It was part of Indie Royale’s ‘Gone Fishing’ bundle which, sadly is finished now but you can still purchase  the game via http://www.desura.com/ for a few quid.

Right, the adventure begins.

Controls are very simple – Left/Right cursor keys to move and Spacebar to jump. The Z key will zoom out and give you an overview of the entire game map…wooo some tricky looking bits there!

Enough sight seeing, zoom in and make our first jump. Some of the puzzles are quite easy to figure out like this one of simply jumping  from rope to rope. Some require a bit more thinking.

Walking past and lighting the green urns act as a save point so you don’t have to go too far back if you die…very handy because die a lot you will 🙂

Where’s Short Round when you need him?

This is start of one of my favourite bits – jumping over the moving fireballs. One of those ‘how on earth did i make that’  gaming moments! Note the ‘Raiders’ giant boulder at the bottom of the screen.

I’m here to rescue you!….

….hmm, if I’d known I’d have to do it all in reverse whilst carrying you out, I might not have bothered!

If you do make it out alive then well done…You can now try again…. but this time only with 20 lives.

There’s another game in the series called Castle Pain. Will be definitely looking at that soon.


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