Latest Retro Gamer magazine.

One more day off work to relax before going back tomorrow and after all that beach walking the other day it’s great to put ones feet up and relax with a good book. But before all that, a little light reading with something perfectly suited after that Robotron-O-Fest weekend.

Retro Gamer Magazine 107.


As well as celebrating 30 years of Robotron:2084, there’s also a look at other milestones like 25 years of the Street Fighter, 30th anniversary of Pitfall and 35th birthday of the Apple II… do I feel old ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s also the ‘making of’ Major Havoc, another classic I’ve been playing at the weekend and Battle Squadron, a great Amiga shooter that I’ve been revisiting thanks to an iOS port.

I also picked up this thick Retro Bookazine


This one was tucked behind Retro Gamer magazine and it was the classic Oli Frey cover depicting Marsport (Amtix! magazine #2 – Dec ’85) that drew me to take a closer look.

These bookazines are collections of 1-2 page articles taken from the ‘Retro’ section of GamesTM magazine and bundled together as a feature book. This is Vol 5 and the first one I’ve actually purchased. I’ve seen the previous volumes on the newsstand before but never thumbed through for some reason.

The features on the Batman games, Panzer Dragoon, Police Quest and my favourite FMV game Under a Killing Moon ensured a swift purchase. Maybe I ought to track down the previous volumes?

So…kettle on and off we go. Nanana na naa Batmaaaaan!



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