Retro gamers reward

Everyone was quite happy to spend another day playing around on the beach and relaxing in the beach hut but I fancied a walk to work off all those fish & chips.

After about an hour with the coastline practically all to myself, I thought I’d walk a bit further on this peaceful morning with Michael Palin’s audiobook ‘Around The World In 80 Days’ on my iPhone to keep me company. I continued on….then a bit further…and as I’d come this far, I thought i might as well go the whole hog and visit an old arcade I discovered last year.

After about three and a half hours of walking (the last hour being quite difficult as it was on deep loose sand) I arrived ready for a cool drink….and a spot of vintage gaming.


Inside, the first arcade cabinet wasn’t working-I think it was playing Wonderboy by Sega’s the last time I was here.

A-ha, so happy to see this still up and running.



After all that walking, a sit down in a cockpit cabinet was just what I needed and this classic Namco cab was just the ticket.

Game on!


More classic gaming on the two Goliath cabinets that have been fitted with 60 in 1 jamma arcade boards. Games on offer are mostly early vertical games like Donkey Kong, Phoenix, Burger Time, Mr Do, Rally X, Galaga, Frogger, Galaxians, Moon Cresta ,Skramble etc etc – basically all of the greats from the 80’s.


A stack of coins on the control panel and some 80’s rock playing out on the jukebox = very very happy me!


A pitiful score on Moon Cresta only at the top because I appeared to be the first gamer of the day 🙂 Shh, tell no one!


I took a short break and a bite to eat before exploring the second arcade across the road. Here there wasn’t a wiff of any old classics but I did sit down and have a go on Sega Daytona 2 (shame it wasn’t the original), Ridge Racer and Outrun 2:Coast to Coast.

Oh and this one too, before I, erm broke it?


First time I’ve seen a BSOD arcade machine. Modern gaming eh!

Back to Happy Days arcade and another hour of 8 bit fun before the long walk back.

Very tired legs but grinning ear to ear!

<edit – when i got home a few days later, i mapped out the route via Walk Jog Run – 22.6 miles in total, no wonder I ached!>


5 responses to “Retro gamers reward

  1. Thanks buddy. Classic gaming in the arcades is all but dead over here apart from the odd place here and there. It’s certainly fun to try and hunt them down.

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