Retro Arcade hunt result!

Tucked away the corner of a busy arcade called ‘Mirage’, I finally found some retro gaming goodies. Ok, so it’s not a vintage cabinet but who cares, with twin sticks, a trackball and 80 classic games, this will certainly suffice!

Look at that game list –


With a 24″ screen and large control panel, it’s a great cab to spend some time (and coins) with. The game front end menu system looks a little bit like HyperspinFE with games split by genre and selectable from a rotating wheel on the right hand side of the screen. Stopping on a game shows a nice rendition of the marque and animated gameplay etc.


I pretty sure that these are emulated (licensed) games and that there’s probably a pc inside. However, with the twin stick and trackball controls it certainly plays some fantastic classic games.

I spent quite a few coins on the twin stick shooters Robotron, Black Widow and Battlezone and even more coins using the trackball for Millipede, Tempest and Major Havoc.




I didn’t play any of the laser disc classics Dragons Lair and Space Ace, I’ll be saving these for tomorrow.

Woo, Lunar Lander…very happy me!



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