Raspberry Pi case arrives.

The little case I purchase to house my Raspberry Pi has arrived and even though it’s just one of those cheap eBay kits, I’m actually rather impressed by the build quality.

I  purchased this via seller ‘PiProtect’ for £4.00 inc shipping.

The clear acrylic pieces has been laser cut to match the Raspberry Pi board dimensions perfectly including holes for the various connections and slots for the SD card and GPIO . There’s not much room  in there so lets hope my board doesn’t have any shape defects.

This particular case requires no tools to assemble and is screw less.  It’s  supplied in ‘flat pack’ kit form complete with blue protecting tape to prevent damage to the pieces whilst in transit.


Apologies for the crappy photo, I didn’t realise it was so blurred until after building the case!

So as not to get any fingerprints on the inside of the case, I used a pair of gloves whilst putting the case together. Tweezers helped to peel back the protective tape.

Assembly was quite simple really, slot piece 1 into piece 2 then slot piece this pair into piece 3 etc e. There are are set of well written instructions  provided if required.

The only problem I had was when I needed to hold two pieces  of the case and and position the Pi board next to the perfectly cut HDMI port hole. A third hand (gloved) hand might be useful!

Here’s my completed case, ready for use.




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