Raspberry Pi digital magazine – MagPi.

I had no idea that there is  a dedicated magazine in existence for Raspberry Pi users….and a free one at that too!

MagPi (great name), is a  monthly digital magazine, in friendly PDF format that’s  has been released  since May of this year and appears to a whole feast of Pi related news, reviews,tips, features, tutorials and projects to try. There’s also an online shockwave version if you fancy that instead but I prefer the comfort of a large armchair, a large coffee and the easy reading PDF version on my iPad.


I’ve been playing catchup with the first five issues which has been immense fun and I look forward to exploring all manner of software and hobby projects  with my Pi. In fact, I’ve even starting to dabble in a little Python coding following the magazine article tutorials. These kinda of reminds me of the days spent sat in front of the blue Commodore C64 boot screen and a handful of program listing from the computer ‘hobbiest’ magazines of time. I’m not the only Pi user that’s made the same comparison as a quick read through the feedback comments show it’s a common theme!

I’m not a complete tux newbie but the magazines appears to cater for all experience levels from complete novice to more advanced users. The explanation of commands I’ve used in the past without really knowing what they are are a great insight as to what is actually going on behind the scenes.

It’s the Pi’s GPIO header that seems to be where the fun can begin and so i look forward to trying out some of the  electronic projects the magazine details.

I’ve even added a new blog Category to the list on the right for all Pi related shenanigans…Woooo 😉

After all that trouble getting the Pi, it seems a shame to have it sat there in it’s box after that initial flutter…so lets begin.



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