Behind the scenes of Blade Runner.

This past week in the evenings, we’ve been enjoying a look back at some of the many classic Sci Fi movies of the 70’s and 80’s. A favourite of mine ‘The Andromeda Strain’ was played last night (gotta love that 70’s tech) and tonight it’s the turn of Blade Runner

I’ve got the PC game here too and whilst I was hunting around for tips to get this to run on Win7, I stumbled across this –

Blade Runner behind the scenes featurette

I could watch ‘making of’ features all day, especially Blade Runner

Just one thing, is that a Vectrex console in the Spinner?


Maybe that’s explains why Gaff is so miffed at Deckard when they fly to Police HQ – because he was more interested in a game of Berzerk than discussing origami 🙂

Also, check out these cool fan made movie posters.

Badass Batty.


I can almost hear Vangelis when I look at this one.


‘Like tears in the rain’



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