Atari reimagines HTML5 classic games.

Have you taken a look at Atari’s website lately? In conjunction with Microsoft and Gskinner they’ve released a collection of re-imagined classic Atari games that have been written in HTML5. You can play these on any supported web browser or, being HTML5 (and i guess Microsoft using it to showcase upcoming Windows 8 touch control) you can play them on a tablet including the HTML5 loving  iPad.

Here’s the promotional trailer –

The games list include classics such as –


Super Breakout (fantastic soundtrack btw)

Yars Revenge



Missile Command


and the awesome-ness Lunar Lander

Early morning exercises 🙂

Missile Command


Woo, look what they’ve done to Yar’s Revenge, it looks fantastic with a new paint job, especially the waterfall DMZ area.  It plays better with traditional W,A,S,D keys and mouse rather than touchscreen though.

Centipede looks and plays great on the iPad.

Fiddly touch screen controls on the iPad often see’s me overshoot or switching on the retro rockets when I least need them. On my PC, Lunar Lander is by far my favourite.

Fantastic work indeed and an interesting showcase for HTML5. Go check it out at!#!/arcade/atari-promo


3 responses to “Atari reimagines HTML5 classic games.

  1. Many thanks mate and I’ll certainly check out more of yours. The blooper vid was hilarious 🙂

    Kind regards


  2. I am a first time visitor an I can say that this post is really great. Very informative and I can really use this on my research on the topic titled “Inside the Internet World”. Keep up the good work.

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