Streets of Rage remake V5.

The Streets of Rage Remake project has running for a number of years now and  prompted by a car boot pickup this morning of three classic Megadrive games (inc Streets of Rage II) I’m in the mood for some more button-bashing fisticuff action and so I thought I’d look in on the project since my last visit last year.

I’m sure you’re already heard of  the SORR project but if you haven’t,  it’s a fan based remake of the Streets of Rage video game series for Windows PC and Soooooo much more . Just look at all features –


– 93 stages in story mode
– 5 stages in extra modes
– 5 stages in the Prototype mod (separate download)

– SOR1 characters remastered with new moves
– SOR2 characters with new moves
– SOR3 characters with new moves
– New playable characters

– All enemies from SOR1 remastered.
– All enemies SOR2 (RGB color correction).
– All enemies SOR3 (RGB color correction).
– New enemies based on the Game Gear versions and even the cover the game!

– 76 in V5.
– 7 in the Prototype mod.

– Profile Editor
– Color Editor
– Name Editor
– Sormaker
– Cutscene Viewer
– Profile Viewer (and commands)
– Image Gallery
– 16 cheats
– Battle Mode
– Survival Mode
– Boss Rush mode
– Events Mode (16 events)
– Volleyball Mode
– Allied cpu mode
– And more than 30 customizable options

I can’t wait to complete the game to unlock  some of the bonus content…namely the name editor 😉

I’m currently working on a PC CD case based on various images from around the net. Here’s my mock up so far.



6 responses to “Streets of Rage remake V5.

  1. Aw, man. I played this recently! (By the way, watched your Saturn testing and didn’t know you were British. does that mean the Retro gaming museum was in this country and I missed it?)

    I have a friend coming to London from South Africa for a week, and I’m definitely booting this game up for him and I to play 🙂 The bonus features are amazing, I did have to use a memory editor to give myself all the points needed to unlock everything because it looked like it would take forever to unlock all the good stuff. One of my favorite unlockables are where you just climb back up from where you are when you lose a life (to keep the consistency), rather than jumping down from the top flashing. And also the ability to make dead bodies stay without flashing away (Golden Axe style). Though that unfortunately doesn’t work if the body flies out the right of the screen.

    It’s an amazing creation though, and makes replaying so much more fun.

  2. Hey there, yep RCM and me are in good old Blighty. Our next main gaming event is next Easter but the museum is open most Sundays. Head on over to for details.

    I think the next BIG retro gaming event in the UK is ‘Play Expo’ in Manchester next month. I’ll be there hogging the arcade machines and pinball tables:)

    Kind regards


  3. Er.. I wrote a long reply about how this game is amazing (and how I didn’t know you were British and therefore I’m sad that the retro gaming museum was potentionally in this country, and I missed it) but think WordPress mucked up and wiped it.

    But anyway, imagine this reply is longer and interesting.

  4. Hi Im am just writing this message as my autisttic son found your web site and he is desparate to get the streets of rage remake game ,he has the others and has be
    come obsessed with this game.! Could you let me know if I can buy this game or When I can buy it ,Thanx alot

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