Sega Saturn testing.

After what seems like ages, I’m now a Sega Saturn owner once again thanks to Steve R. and last weekends Retro Computer Museum gaming event. Steve always has a bargain or two on his vendor store and I spotted this as soon as I arrived.


I’ve been itching to play just one particular title all week, but due to a busy work week and various other stuff I’ve not had the chance until now. I had it all setup ready to go but for the life of me can’t find my flippin s-video adaptor.

To Maplins and back and I finally get to test it out. I also thought I’d take the opportunity to try out my homemade ‘Blue Peter’ special, iPhone camera tripod’o’rama…with ‘extra blutac just in case’TM. 🙂 Hopefully, no more wobbly videos!


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