Odyssey 2 Game Box Art

I was browsing through some of the software donated by the visitors to RCM’s gaming event the other day and came across a great looking game cover for the Phillips Videopak/Odyssey 2. It’s such a great cover for a video hybrid board game I wanted to see if I could find a digital copy.

Mmm, neon grids!


Here’s a few more Odyssey 2 game boxes rich 70’s Sci-Fi artwork. They should bring this style back!





2 responses to “Odyssey 2 Game Box Art

  1. Hi mate,

    I think I might have the original version of that Philips Video Pac game. It is complete with cartridge, manual and lot’s of figures, maps etc. Interested? The cover might be in Norwegian or Danish though. Will have a look. Can e-mail you photos if you want.

    Yes, that style is awesome.. love it!

  2. Very kind of you mate but without a VideoPak at the moment i’m happy to checkout the one at RCM.

    Thanks anyway!

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