21″ Vectrex gameplay video.

Trying to play this thing one handed whilst filming the 21″ Vextrex on Saturday proved to be a bit difficult so I managed to catch Richard having a go on his creation on Monday.


As you can see, the sound is pretty much spot on but the graphics need a little more work.

Sadly, later that day it appears that someone may have accidentally inserted a game cartridge whilst the Vectrex was still switched on and subsequently blowing something judging by the burning smell. Let’s hope Richard can discover what the problem is and is able to fix it soon.





2 responses to “21″ Vectrex gameplay video.

  1. Yeah it happens. That’s the only problem with putting on shows like this, not everyone is aware of how to load cartridges etc and although as part if the admin team we’re on site to assist, they’ll always be the odd accident.

    I’m sure Dr Phu will fix her up now that she’s back at HQ.

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