Indie Gaming:Cubemen

Cubemen is one of the indie games that was included in the Gone Fishing Indie Bundle from Indie Royale and is proving to be quite difficult to put down!

At it’s heart it’s a tower defence type game and in all honesty it isn’t my favourite game genre. I find them slightly tedious if the AI is set to high from start….or my brain freezes due to the amount of on screen action. However, with Cubemen, the pace seems to start off a little slower allowing you to get to grips with the game and the strategic placement of your men and armament. Maybe i should look at this genre again?

The premises is simple, use your own Blue Cubemen army to defend your base against incoming waves of enemy Red Cubemen. Leave no one standing.

Starting with only a handful of grunts with minimal weapons, placement on the game map is essential to dispense with your foe efficently and help increase your points. Points can them be traded to bolster your army with more Cubemen including those with better and more powerful weapons. There’s even a medic that can be purchased to keep your Cubemen in fighting condition.

Your enemy will also throw down their own heavy hitters to so have to think carefully about where you want to place your own Cubemen. For example, snipers have longer range weapons but light armour therefore it’s best to keep them at the back behind a wall of flamethrowing grunts.

Visually it’s basic but it’s retro cube style art and marching animation is spot on and so I instantly liked this from the start. The music can get a little repetitive but there’s a handy mute button…or you can always replace it with something to suit.

There’s plenty of options available for screen resolution, windowed/fullscreen and graphics quality so it’ll even run run quite successfully on a low spec machine. I’m running this on my Atom based netbook with no issues. To keep things fresh, there’s also the Skirmish and multiplay mayhem levels, although I’ve not really tried these yet as i’m still enjoying the single player mode.

One thing i’d failed to spot until I was playing around with the options screen the other day is the that you can change your Cubemen armies colours apply a decals.

I’m loving the O/S decals. Who will win, Windows, Mac or Linux?

The Gone Fishing Indie Royale bundle has finished now but if you’re curious about sampling Cubemen you can still pick up the game for a few quid at Steam/Desura for Mac or PC. It’s also on the Apple App store for iPad2 and above.

For more details, check out the developer website –

Apparently there’s a level editor coming soon in a later update. I do hope they add in the ability to change the Cubemen’s names…I don’t know why but i always think of Cannon Fodder when i play this so it seems fitting rename them to according. Go Jools!

Here's the trailer - 

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