Eek, no internet!

For a few weeks now I’ve been having a weird issue with my internet connection. All appears o.k for general surfing the web and transferring data around my LAN but whenever I try to download anything large than say 100mb via HTTP, it craps out an about 30%. At first I thought that this was an issue with Chrome as the success rate with Firefox seemed to be a little better especially with the ability to resume a failed download. A

As the days went by, even Firefox was having problems and then it came to be that it didn’t matter which browser I used or computer. Even my iPad struggled to download some of the larger apps. Incidentally, FTP and torrent files seemed ok and my client was happy to chug away at the latest Linux distro etc

A very weird problem and as one with a large number of possibilities, proved to be very difficult to research online for answers. My tests has ruled out any issues with my ISP.

After more head scratching, working my way through my router config and trying this and that I was started to run out of ideas. My router is usually left powered on and so I thought I’d go back to basics…i.e switch it on and off again.

Switched off……..waited…..switched on….POP…….oops!

Router is now dead.


So, I never got to the bottom of the problem…maybe there was an underlining issue with my router after all and the reboot just finished it off?

Typical, having had the day off and working out in the garden I was looking forward to a bit of downtime online.

See me race to the PC store to pick up a new router, scan the box contents to make sure it supports all the bits and pieces a proper router should support…race back home….box open and probably the fastest bit of network kit I’ve set-up in ages 🙂

Woo and it’s got a USB port too, that’ll come in handy.

It’s now, whilst setting up the security do you realise how many wireless/wired devices you have!

So…my top tip…if you’re having issues with larger downloads, only reset your router at a time when you need the internet the least and also when the shops are still open in the event you need to nip out 🙂


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