WIP demo of Dr Phu’s homemade 21″ Vectrex

Had a fantastic day of retro gaming and catching up with old friends today as well as a sneaky peak at Richards (Dr Phu’s) homemade monster 21″ Vectrex.


There’s still a bit of tweaking to be had to get the graphics to display correctly but so far it’s coming along very nicely. I took my Vectrex multicart along with me so we could see it running side by side with the same gaming running on the original Vectrex. My iPhone pictures didn’t work out so well but I was able to play a reasonable game of 21″ Berzerk.


Richard and his baby.


I’m currently working on a set of reproduction Vectrex overlays (for the regular size Vectrex that is) and had taken my Minestorm overlay with me to work yesterday to take measurements and make comparisons with the ones i’d made via one of our enterprise laser printers. I still had it in my bag with me today so I thought we’d have some fun 🙂



…and a quick video of it in action.


9 responses to “WIP demo of Dr Phu’s homemade 21″ Vectrex

  1. No we’ve just shrunk the original 🙂 Can’t wait until Richard has tweaked a bit more and can get the graphics tuned properly. We’re already working on tarting up the case a little and have an idea for some giant overlays.

  2. Nice! Giant roller Vectrex overlay. Or perhaps one of the transparent LCDs used solely for Vectrex overlay generation.

  3. Fantastic work my friend, those scaleable overlays are wonderful and once Dr Phu has got Frankentrex up and running again, I’d like to use these if I may?

    At the moment I don’t think Dr Phu has documented the build as its still very much a work in progress. However, I should be seeing him this weekend and so I’ll enquire for you and/or give you some contact details?

    Keep up the good work and I hope you don’t mind but I’ve linked your site on my latest post (well, when I’ve finished writing it in the next few minutes) 🙂

    Kind regards


  4. Hehe. Thanks for the flowers. 😉 Will give my old rusty blog some hits…
    Will look forward for some internals secrets on the Frankentrex (great name!) Building Overlays for this giant will be quite a task, but it should be doable. Plexiglas, along with some print on transparent adhesive film and a vinyl cut for the parts that should not be seen through on the back. We even have most of the machines and material lying around ad work. Only the print and plexi should cost some money…. but Frankentrex does not have a mout at all, doesn’t it?


  5. It will have soon (mount) and those favours at work to print a3 transparencies are going to be cashed in soon 🙂

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