Star Wars Geek Out.

Random Star Wars stuff that made me smile whilst making dinner and killing time.

Although Hoth like Winters are still a few months away, there’s nothing worst than being caught out with a surprise frost in the morning meaning you need to get the scrapers out if you left the car on the driveway instead of parked in the garage.

Well, for the Star Wars fan, how about a Wampa arm ice scraper?


Wampa Ice Scraper


Prototype Land Speeder?

This thing is flippin awesome!

The 501st have some great SW creations but this huge fan made Rancor is superb. What a great prop for a photo op!


More pictures can be found below –

…and finally, one that made me laugh.

Law Office of Lando Calrissian.

May the Fo…woohoo, dinners ready!


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