Making of Dropzone.

Edge magazine has posted a fantastic article about the making Dropzone and contains an interview with the games creator, Archer Maclean.


I’ve always enjoyed Dropzone on the c64. For me, it’s a tough game requiring cat like reflexes and the skill to smack that space bar in an instance for that life saving smart bomb – although as a kid I’d use my foot leaving my hands free on the joystick/button. On the Atari 800 this game rocks!



3 responses to “Making of Dropzone.

  1. I loved this game on the 64. Not sure if it was in anyway later connected to Datastorm on the Amiga (another great game) but it certainly looked like it. Obviously both grew up from Defender and are beautiful clones of a beautiful game.
    Thanks for the pointer to an interesting article mate 🙂

  2. Thanks mate. Have you played the Atari 800 original? Even slicker than the c64 version. Sadly no matter which version I still suck at it 🙂

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