Micro Arcade gaming – Arcadie Arcade

Well, it’s been a few weeks now since receiving the awesome(ness) custom port of Mame for my Arcadie-Arcade and have been thorougly enjoying testing it out with the creme of all those arcade classics. The Arcadie-Arcade is miniature arcade cabinet designed to be used with a iPhone or iPod Touch. Its uses pressure sensors on the bottom half of the screen for the joystick and two mini arcade buttons leaving the top half of screen to display the game. Fun times indeed, especially as I’ve been lucky enough to beta test this yet to be released Mame port.

So far so its been all good and all of the rom images I’ve tested so far work just as well as if using iMame or Mame4All using Set 37b7. O.k with only two buttons, you might be a little restricted when playing certain games like button-fest Street Fighter II (although it’s suprising how far you can get with just one kick and one punch button) but pretty much all of the old school classics that appeal to me are those that only require one or two buttons. Having anymore buttons on the Arcadie would be a disaster!
Once you have the app installed and a collection of zipped rom images transferred the Rom Folder on your iPhone (I did this via sideloading with the iExplorer desktop client), you launch Mame, scanthe rom folder and with any luck, you should have a nice games list.

You can scroll through games list one by one by moving the joystick up or down or alternatively via left and right to jump through the list more quickly. Pressing button ‘B’ on the Arcadie launches the game and the fun begins.

Along the bottom of the screen of four useful touchscreen buttons which remain on screen during the game. They are – Exit (to main menu), Options, Coin and Start. The options button brings up a full screen menu and so it’s probably best not to access this whilst your iPhone is in the Arcadie case because you won’t be able to see the rest of the screen. To be honest, once you’ve configured the emulator options to how you like them, I doubt you’d need to go into this menu again.

That’s about all there is to it really and even if you’re not familiar with Mame, I don’t think that navigating around and running a game is going to cause you too much difficulty. Oh and btw, bothHorizontal and Vertical games are supported…and if you’re thinking that vertical games won’t be playable of such a tiny portion of the screen..believe me they play just fine.

At the moment they’re no release information for this port particular of Mame. Will it pass Apple stringent views on emulation or will it be a Cydia store app only? Who knows but in the meantime, if you happen to have an iPhone or iPod (3rd Gen), do yourself a favour and treat yourself to an Arcadie Arcade machine whilst they’re available. Even if you can’t play Mame on it yet, the free arcade inspired games on the app store will bring a little bit of classic gaming to your desktop….as well as nods of approval from fellow classic gamers 🙂

I brought mine from Firebox and I’m seriously thinking about getting another one so I can have a go at some creating some custom replacement artwork for the side panels.

Here’s a few pictures of mine running a few games – thanks to the Arcade Flyer website for the backdrops!

Even the almighty Starwars (which is almost unplayable without analogue controls) gives you goosebumps when see it playing on a tiny arcade 🙂

I can't have a gaming session without including my all time favourite - Phoenix
 Another classic shooter - Scramble.  Even with the tiny digital controls, it's surprising how well it drives that famous red motor. I struggle with the moves but it is possible to pull of the odd Hurricane kick and Shoryuken uppercut. 
 Back to the classics one last time. 

52 responses to “Micro Arcade gaming – Arcadie Arcade

  1. Thanks for pointing out that this post’s text had gone a little screwy due to some issue with html formatting and as a result the text was wandering off to the right. Have now fixed it so it should be ok now.

  2. Sadly not, but I haven’t heard anything for quite sometime therefore I’ll make enquiries.

    Kind regards


  3. Is mame for the arcadie out for the public yet if it is I’ll buy the arcadie in a heart
    beat let me know thanks

  4. There’s definitely interest out there, even if I’d have to pay for a Mame port for the Arcadie. While I love the device, I’m getting a bit tired of the 3 stock Zeon Tech games.

  5. I’ve just ordered one of these, excellent!

    Sorry to be a pain, but did you hear anything back about the release of the MAME port? As Kris said above, there is interest out there, I’d happily pay too!

  6. Hello Stephen I haven’t heard anything of late, it’s all gone dark I’m afraid. I will however pass on your comments and see if theres any further update. Alternatively I’ll ask if I can publish a contact email address or similar for you and the many that have requested further information.

    Hope this.

    Kind regards


  7. No worries, all we need now is a mini pinball table for iPhone that supports the ‘pinball arcade’ app and the mini arcade will be complete:)

  8. Pinball Arcade is amazing, only tried one free table so far though. Love pinball, I toyed with the idea of using PinMAME and Visual Pinball in my MAME cab but the old PC inside won’t run it that well.

  9. One of my most used gaming apps on my iPad! Have only purchased a few tables myself but having fun with Blackhole, Bride of Pinbot and Black Knight.

    I also like to mess around Visual Pinball too and am currently building a small pinball table to house twin screens and a pc. See my cardboard prototype 🙂

  10. Anyone try the Pinball Magic for iPhone or Duo Pinball Game Controller for iPad? Both seem interesting, but have seen complaints b/c they only work with their own proprietary apps. I’d love to be able to play Cirqus Voltaire in miniature.

  11. I haven’t Kris, they look pretty cool but yeah, the controller would be great if the SDK was released. Imagine Pinball Arcade with it!

    Incidentally, Twilight Zone has now been released for Pinball Arcade, one of my fav tables.



  12. I’m afraid it won’t run mate, this build is bound to my iPhone UID.

    Probably best if you contact the developer.

    Kind regards


  13. Hey Stiggy,
    I just emailed the address you left and received an automated reply saying that it is disconnected.
    Do you know any other way to contact the developer? Are you the only person who received a copy of this beta? I can’t find head nor tail of it anywhere else on the internet even in the depths of jailbreaking forums.
    For me the Aracdei is useless without being able to use MAME and it’s sad to see so many people left frustrated by this.

    Thanks for your time

  14. Hey Joe,

    I’m beginning to regret posting about the Arcadie as I don’t want to be a source of frustration for anyone 😦 Sadly that’s the only address I have Joe.

    My apologies.


  15. Holy sh**! Ithought those were only crappy build cabs for one stupid fake space invader app and now that. Received my 8 Bitty just yesterday and now think I bought the wrong thing. But that’s how digital life goes. 😉 At least the price tag is pretty low. Anyone though of rebranding those cabs, or making sticker sets for it?
    The outer shape seems quite close to a Gauntlet cab.

  16. 8-Bitty is a great device, I use mine quite a bit these days. Very responsive too. Might cut into this sucker and see if I can squeeze it into a NES or SNES game pad case.

  17. According to the link below, the creator(s) will NEVER put out the MAME port out publicly via AppStore or Cydia (for jailbroken devices). They *might* publish the source code modifications one day… but don’t hold your breath. I might just tear it apart and wire it up to an iCade 8-bitty.

  18. Well you could always make your own Micro arcade machine which accepts an iphone/ipod touch and runs imame4all proper.

    I did this over a year ago to create these:

    And for the Pinball lovers

    And for GBA SP lovers

    I got and still do get, a lot of emails from people who want to make their own , and some from people who want to make and sell there own product based on mine. Makes me wonder if the Arcadie is built by one of those people.

  19. Oh my, that Steampunk pinball table is certainly inspirational stuff and have been toying with the idea of something like that for my iPad and Pinball Arcade app. I use Blutrol quite a bit but it never occurred to me to use it for pinball.

    Thanks ever so much for posting!

    Kind regards


  20. Puhhh.. I searched the net, hammered google, but your blog seems to be the only viable source of that arcadie mame port. Any news about a release of it some place? Sitting here with two tiny cabs and only those poor games that came with ’em. Probably on monday? It is christmas, isn’t it. 😉

  21. Hi all, i got fed up with waiting so decided to tackle it myself and work out how the controller works. I’ve now successfully modified the imame4all source code to work with arcadie. It is based on the non-jailbroken version by les bird and will have to be compiled by xcode with your own certificates. If anyone is interested in the code, i’ll see if i can upload the code somewhere.

  22. Nice one Steve, I would imagine that there would be a huge interest in your version!

    Kind regards


  23. Hi StiGGy – yea i’m sure there will be, especially if i get the amiga emulator running with arcadie support too 🙂 I assumed the arcadie would be recognised as an input device as it had a dock, then realised it uses the rubber contacts inside to simulate on screen touches! lol


  24. Awesome-ness, iCade at the ready this weekend. Shall have a go at compiling it for myself.

    You’ve made my day!

  25. Hi Steve,
    Definitely interested in your arcadie compatible mame port, any chance you could upload it so I could have a go at compiling it myself?

  26. StiGGy – glad i made your day 🙂

    Joe – I’ll see if i can zip up the source and upload it tonight sometime when i get home from work. I’ve had to strip out some of the other control views as it was easier for me to customise for arcadie. Some of the on screen buttons ‘coin’, ‘start’ etc had to raised up a bit and their transparency values extended in height to allow you to be able to touch them without taking your phone out of the arcadie. I’ve only tested it with a few games so far and everything seems to work fluidly:

    – all 8 joystick directions working
    – arcadie B button assigned to mame B button
    – arcadie A button assigned to mame X button
    – arcadie X+B together acts as mame A button

    A few things still need to be altered in the options and maybe the loading image could be changed. I might have time to change this before uploading. Will be good to have someone to test it out. Don’t forget this version is for non-jailbreak – i’ve no idea if it will compile on a jailbroken version!

    Any pointers on best place to upload to?


  27. That’d be great, if you have a Dropbox account it would be easiest to just stick it in your public folder, if not a common upload service is media fire since you can do it from the website.
    Any tips on compiling it? Never tried my hand at it before


  28. Hi Joe – thanks, i’ll probably try the media fire service.

    To compile for iOS6, you’ll need Lion or Mountain Lion and latest version of XCode and an apple development licence to create the certificates for your devices. I’m not sure the exact versions i have, i’ll have to check when i get home. Creating the certificates can be a little tricky if you haven’t done that before – but there should be plenty of help on google.

    This is the version on iMAME i modified: http://www.lesbird.com/iMame4All/iMame4All_Xcode.html

    There should be some tips for compiling on that page.

    My arcadie version is working on an iPhone 4GS with iOS6.

    Hope that helps,

  29. Hi all,

    I’ve finally got the source zipped up and available to download here:

    Once unzipped, go into the iMame4All-Arcade->xcode folder and run the iMame.xcodeproj which should then load up xcode. You must then enter your bundle identifier e.g. com.myname.iMAME and set your code signing identity to your certificates.

    Then click Product->Run to deploy straight to your device or Project->Build and copy manually through Xcode organiser.

    I’m using Lion 10.7.4 and Xcode 4.5.1 and deploying to an Iphone 4GS iOS6.

    Let me know how you get on.


  30. Ah, after all this I’ve been snookered at the final hurdle by owning a machine running a Windows OS and thus not being able to compile the proprietary code!
    Is there any way I can deduce my iPhone 4′ certificates and pass these details onto someone with iOS to compile iMAME with so that it will work on my device?

    It’s all a bit above my level of tech knowledge aha


  31. Joe – XCode only runs on OSX not windows, plus the certificates have to be generated through the apple dev center. You’ll need to purchase an apple dev licence for this (around £50-60 a year). Maybe someone could add your device id to one of their certificates and send you the .app file to distribute to your iphone but you’d probably need a Mac to copy it across. Maybe someone else here might have any info on this? :-/

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