Free gaming with JogoBox.

Although still in Beta, I’ve been messing around with JogoBox these past few days and have been playing a selection of highly entertaining flash games, retro classics and some pretty outstanding indie games.

So what is JogoBox? Well it’s a gaming portal similar to Steam/Desura but the key difference hear is that all of the titles available are free to play and appear to be without any catch too. There’s also a small offering of DOS classics as well which can be run at the click of a button without having to mess around with DOSbox or similar.

O.k, so we’re not talking AAA titles and all games can be found elsewhere on the net, but JogoBox collects them all in one convenient place for you to explore. Digging around the gaming categories have unearthed some real gems.

JogoBox is only available for Windows (XP, Vista & 7) so lets hope a Mac or Tux port arrives soon. Thumbs up for absence of any crapware/toolbars when installed too.

Here’s a screenshot of the main menu, showing a sample of the games that are new and popular.

The buttons along the top left of the interface are pretty straight forward allowing you to list the games you have installed and select available games by category.


You will find the DOS classic in the PC games section which include –

Eye of the Beholder

Dune I & II



C&C – Red Alert

Discworld (not tried it yet but i’m hoping it’s the talkie version with Eric Idle as the voice of Rincewind).

Lost Vikings (which I’m trying to avoid at the moment as I kinda got addicted to this one on the Amiga back in the day and couldn’t put it down 🙂 )


Beneath a Steel Sky

That last one is currently playing on my PC at the moment so I’ll be heading off soon to see if i can get Foster out of trouble. I’d also recommend taking a look at the multiplayer FPS game, Xonotic which plays very much like a Tron-inspired version of classic Unreal Tournament ’99.


Also, look out for ‘Hanger 2’ in the Skills category. I won’t say anything about it other than its addictive and hilarious.

Hats of to JogoBox, lets see if the fun continues?





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