Compugraph Foto by Atari

My first thought when I saw this vintage flyer from one of Atari’s first amusement machines wasn’t ‘look at the size of that thing’, it was ‘look at those trousers!’.


Back in 1975, Atari released this monstrous 950lb digital photo booth called the Compugraph Foto. and based on the name itself, it gets my thumbs up immediately!

It could take your picture and print out in black and white in ASCII and I bet in those days the whole concept was very high tech…and imagining the noise from this baby, a little bit scary too.

Knowing how temperamental large scale printers are these days I bet this required a hellava lot of maintenance.

I never saw or used one in person and I wonder if anyone out there ever did and still has the output print?

A great retro flyer and an early display of Atari’s almost signature border.


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