Vintage periscope arcade shooters

I was looking back through our recent travel snaps the other day and remembered this shot of yours truely having a jolly ‘ol time spotting virtual ships with my WW2 submarine periscope (Maritime Museum – Liverpool).


I’d hazard a guess that the reason the photo is so blurred is because it was taken in haste, probably due to due sheer embarrassment….probably as a result me quoting classic submarine movies and doing the ‘ping’ sound effect. Would I be the only one compelled to do this? 🙂

Well I was having so much fun you see (sea) especially as for a brief moment I was transported back the arcades of old, being held up by my dad whilst i clung on the controls of Sea Wolf.


Looking back through the arcade archives I was curious to see what other periscope games there had been and was quite suprised to see that this concept was used by many of the larger arcade companies in the late 70’s.



Sea Devil


Sea Raider – woot woot


Sega Periscope – I bet the cabinet alone could sink a few ships 🙂


Under Sea Raider – amazing to think that this dates back to the 1940’s!




Sea Wolf II – this one would look nice next to my Star Wars cocktail cabinet 😉 if only!


Can you think of anymore?


6 responses to “Vintage periscope arcade shooters

  1. Great aren’t they! I’ve only seen/played Sea Wolf many many MANY years ago and seen nothing else ever since. Would have loved to check out that monster SEGA cabinet.

  2. I remember a periscope type game from 1982 that isn’t listed here.

    Around 1982, I played in an arcade a video game that you had to sit at and look through a periscope type thing. Can’t remember the name of this game.

    The screen showed an animated 3-d view of space with various objects flying at you. you had to shoot the stuff flying at you before it hit you. The effect was more cartoonish, somewhere between space invaders look, and Dragon’s Lair look.

    The only unique feature of the game I remember is that if one of the space debris or satellites came up and hit you, the sound effect was identical to the sound of a batter hitting a ball. more of an echoy “doink!” than a boom or explosion.

    The visuals were more lifelike than space invaders, but not quite as good as dragon’s lair.

    It was hard to get good at the game because I laughed so hard when a satellite would come up into my window, hit me, and the sound effect was so unrealistic but cool anyway.

    Thanks if you can remember the name of that game.

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