Retro gaming: Challenger – Arcade.

A game I’ve only just discovered via Mame and simply loving it!

Challenger (Centuri – 1981).


Challenger is a very fast single screen shooter which combines Space Invaders, Asteroids and a dollop of Pang.

Dodge and shoot the crap out of the asteroids flinging themselves around the screen using your triple shot cannons and gradually reduce them to space dust. If the action at the bottom of the screen gets too intense, press the ‘warp’ button and be transported to the top of the screen to continue your fight. You can warp between top and bottom as often as you like.

There’s a bunch of weirdly shaped alien craft to deal with as well and each has it’s own attack pattern that you need to learn to beat.

Periodically, you’ll see a robotic walking blue…erm…jug(?) walking along the bottom of the screen. He might be just out for a stroll and a bit of Asteroid spotting but if you line up your ship under it’s spout(?) you will receive bonus points. The longer you dock, the higher the bonus. Obviously, with all the other stuff flying around the screen trying to wipe you out, this can be quiet the challenge-r

As well as your cannons, you have a limited supply of screen clearing super bombs so use them wisely.

Sound effects are classic 80’s arcade nirvana so turn up the volume and bass out those explosions.

Here’s video I found on YouTube showing the original arcade cabinet and a look at the actual game in action.


3 responses to “Retro gaming: Challenger – Arcade.

  1. Looks like an awesome combination, I’m gonna have to go check that out, great post mate. Isn’t that arcade cab just bloody gorgeous! I’d love one of those in the spare room 🙂

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