iOS gaming: Pinball Fantasies HD

Oh the life of an I.T Technician. Here I am awake at 2:00am, after being called by one of our internal departments to advise lack of network access to critical systems. As the technician on rota to supply out of hours support this week its my job to get it sorted…..and I think we have…and as a consequence find myself at our kitchen table with big mug ‘o coffee, a VPN connection and awaiting a call back from said effected users, hopefully with a thumbs up.

Nothing doing but to sit here and wait….well, whist I’m I up I might as well take a look at the latest apps.

Woo, Pinball Fantasies HD remake for ios.

Yes the 1992 Amiga classic has been given a HD spit n polish, squeezed full frame onto the iPad screen (which in portrait mode is perfect for Pinball sims) and flippers that respond to touch.

The main menu showing the original four tables and includes a rendition of the Amiga theme tune complete with the same metallic/echo twang that I always think is synonymous with the Amiga sound chip.


This iPad edition contains three view modes –

Classic mode gives a full screen top down view of the table.


Standard mode gives a traditional tilted view of the entire table and thanks to the iPad’s impressive screen viewing angle, this mode plays really well when you have the iPad laid flat in front of you…almost like a real pinball table….well, with a little imagination anyway!



…and the normal mode with its ‘never takes its eye off the ball zoomy thing’ allowing you to have a good look at the impressive table graphics.


It’s a pretty slick game and plays as just as expected and like any other iPad pinball sim. However if it wasn’t for nostalgia of revisiting now retro tables, I think it would be lost in the stack of other pinball apps. Good it is, but for my pinball fix, I’m sticking with Pinball Arcade.


4 responses to “iOS gaming: Pinball Fantasies HD

  1. The Amiga version didn’t have the screens split into two flip screens. It scrolled, rather smoothly.

  2. Thanks for the correction Frank, of course it scrolled, not sure why I thought it didn’t…maybe confusing it with something else?

    Many thanks


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