Vectrex Regeneration coming soon.

One of my favourite old school platforms has to be the MB Vectrex console and my favourite modern day platform has to be the Apple iPad. Mash them together as an app and I would be a very VERY happy man if I could play Vectrex classics on the go.

Guess what 🙂


Vectrex Regeneration

30 years ago, a totally unique games console was launched using vector – not raster – graphics. It had such an impact that games are still being made for the platform today. We bought our first Vectrex in 1982 and we still love it! Built by Vectrex fanatics for a new generation of gamers. Vectrex Regeneration. Coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

From the press kit –

For iPad and iPhone.

All of the original Vectrex game releases included with the app.

In app purchase of new Vectrex indie and Homebrew games – please please please can someone include VeCave.

Full retina graphics mode for you lucky iPad 3 owners.

Can be played on a larger TV thanks to AirPlay.

Two player mode using additional Ipad/iPhone.

Auto Fire mode – Fortress of Narzod would be bonkers with auto fire : )

Game Centre compatible for high score posting and competition.

…and the best bit


As you can tell, am rather excited about this release….and let’s hope they release it soon!


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