Indie gaming bundle -July

The latest indie gaming bundle from Indie Royale is now available and contains six titles to get stuck into for just a few coins. I’m still working through some highly entertaining titles from the last two bundles (Escape Goat, taking up a considerable amount of time) and although i do like these bundles, I might skip this one as there’s only two titles that appeal.

Dual stick shooter Mutant Storm Reloaded.

Swift Stitch – because I’ll buy anything that uses vector graphics.

Having said that, at this price, its worth just to have a looksee at the others.

One bundle that has caught my attention though is the ‘Build a bundle no.2’ which offers a whopping 12 indie games for just $8 (or build your own bundle at $1 per game – minimum three titles)..

A sample of what’s on offer.

I’ve just brought this lot and am especially looking forward to sampling Team 17’s Alien Breed Impact, Depth Hunter & the Crimson Skies-like aerial schmup – Dog Fighter.


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