Nintendo Namco Polystation….huh?


Whilst visiting the Maritime museum in Liverpool (which, might I add, has a fascinating Titanic exhibition on display until next spring) we dropped down into the basement area to look at smuggling, piracy and import/export exhibitions.

Although I couldn’t see any reference to Monkey Island, something caught my eye in one of the display cabinets that contained examples of fake goods seized and confiscated by customs officials.

Nintendo Namco Polystation…..what the?


It’s a poor photo as the lighting was quite bright in the cabinet so here’s another image I found via Google.


This isn’t as you’ve probably guessed a product of Nintendo, Namco or indeed Sony. Nor is it an early prototype Playstation…in fact, its not even CD based (despite the screenshots on the back of the box depicting PSX games), nope this is one of many NES/Famicom clones out there cleverly packaged in an attempt to dupe the unsuspecting gamer….or said gamers parents into thinking they might be picking up a bargain priced console for Junior 🙂

The Polystation is just one example of the fascinating knock offs out there and is an area of retro gaming that I’ve never looked at before. Bookmarked for when i got home, it’s been an hilarious trip around the net this morning looking at the weird and wonderful world of the clones..and might I add, some that I’d like to track down myself!

Kensington/Chintendo Vi.

Great name and as expected, crappy console 🙂


Retro Duo




Subor Famicon clone (currently on eBay)


TK90x – Brazillian Sinclair Spectrum clone


Gameboy clones


Commodore Amiga 500


….sorry, couldn’t help myself with that last one 🙂

Rinco 256 VCS


…and on and on. In fact, I happened to stumbled across a site that was listing all known Famicom clones…so far they’re up to no. 377!


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