Comp modded ZX Spectrum.

Am back from our week away exploring Manchester, the Lake District and Liverpool and whilst in the area ‘up north’, I popped in to see my good mate JT and also to take a looksee at his latest retro gaming goodies.

Not only having a one hellava monster Jamma cab, JT now has a lovely new/old Silent Scope gun. Couldn’t shoot for buggery with it myself therefore had to hand it back to the marksmen to see how it’s done 🙂



Whilst sampling TMNT 2 on JT’s Capcom Impress cabinet (which might I add, is a pleasure to play on and am seriously thinking about getting one of these cabs myself), modifications on my 48k Speccy began.

Composite modding and the results compared to RF is amazing. Thank you very much mate.


Now maybe JT can explain how this works much better on his own blog than i can, but was hugely impressed with a conversion of the Mega CD FMV classic Road Avenger playing on a standard SNES!

Sd2snes cartridge.


I also collected my MB Vectrex and a few other bits whilst i was thetcance I’ll be testing out my DIY colour overlays before I send it down to the Retro Computer Museum.

…but before that, I still have a few days off work and intend to hook up my DivIDE to my modded Speccy for some static free gaming – thanks again JT!


2 responses to “Comp modded ZX Spectrum.

  1. anytime matey.
    one day we may be able to banish the evil RF to nothing but a vague horrible memory. Funny, it never seemed to bother me as a young geekling but i spose we also never had LCD tv’s everywhere neither
    happy speccing

  2. With you on that one mate. Good to see you again, hopefully will make it down to RCM in Aug.

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