DivIDE testing.

Oops, I’d forgotten I’d shot this video last saturday after finally getting chance to unboxing my DivIDE and test it out with a few ZX Spectrums. The wait was worth it, outstanding stuff indeed.

This is the new 2k11 model from Lotharek but until I’m next due down at the Retro Computer Museum I won’t be able to compare it with the others.

It’s not clear on the video but there’s a pass thru edge connector on the board which in effect would allow me to daisy chain another interface card. I’ve not tested it yet but it would be great to be able to include my new (old) Currah speech card into the mix of Frankenstein machinery sticking out the back of my 48k Speccy…poor thing looks frightened 🙂


One response to “DivIDE testing.

  1. Ive got a couple of the older divIDE cards here now and am well impressed with the operation of them too.
    Fetch that 48k speccy with you and we shall comp mod

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