Enough Strawberries….now Raspberries

Hopes dashed again for a Brit to win Wimbledon 😦 Nevermind, it was a great match and who knows, maybe a gold in the Olympics?

I’ve eaten my fair share of Strawberries today and am just finishing off the last as I prep a SD card for use with my Raspberry PI. I’ve only confirmed the board works a few days ago at work and so am looking forward to having it home, sitting down and having a good play with it.

It didn’t take long to prep the SD. Download the O/S image and use a utility to transfer to the SD card and make bootable as per instructions

X running and ready to rock….oh wait, have got the tv speaker on mute 😉


So tonight, it’s mainly been about finding my way around and simply dabbling within the O/S Although slow at times (especially when web browsing) it’s still amazing to think that something so small is capable of being a (basic) desktop computer.

Over the next few weeks am looking forward to trying out all those cool projects like xbmc, advmame and Zx Spectrum Fuse. Of course, that’s after the Quake III fragfest.

So, first impressions are good so far. How are you getting on with your Pi?


One response to “Enough Strawberries….now Raspberries

  1. Mine have been see for a media centre from day 1 which was its original purpose. Raspbmc is really quite amazing and been more than happy with it too

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