Game Dock – kickstarter project.

Another exciting kickstarter project for iPhone/iPad gamers. Its a new dock that allows you to connect your idevice to a TV for large screen gaming and has two connection for physical games pads. Games that have iCade support are said to work with it and so I guess that this would include all of those lovely iCade supported emulators too?


A worthy cause and one that gets my donation. Let’s see if they can reach the fund total in time allowing this thing to go into production.


2 responses to “Game Dock – kickstarter project.

  1. Hi there,

    That looks incredibly cool. I’m apparantly missing out on so much not having one of these modern mobile devices. The closest I get is my ageing mobile phone, which doesn’t even have WLAN support. šŸ˜‰ I notice that you write quite a lot of about this stuff and now I’m getting tempted to try it out. I’m not updated on the prices or models. Would an older version of an iPhone run most games (I’m then thinking of the oldies) well? Maybe I can save up some cash for one in the future. My phone is not in very good shape at the moment, so… šŸ˜‰

  2. To be honest I’m a bit of a phone newbie. In fact, apart from company mobiles my iPhone is the first phone I’ve ever brought myself.

    As a first gift to myself for quitting smoking I was torn between the latest iPhone model at the time and about a gazzilion Android phones that I didn’t know which was good or not. I opted for the safe option and went with the iPhone and simply love it (even though up until then i wasn’t exactly a fan of apple products or ethos).

    I’m pretty sure the older model (3) supports a great deal of older games and emulation. Please bear in mind that, unlike Android, for the majority of the popular systems, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Sounds scary but is as simple as download/launching an app and waiting 15 mins. If it goes wrong you just rollback and try again.

    These days though, I think the iPhone 4 (not the expensive ‘s’ model) can be picked up on a wallet friendly contract so I deff consider that instead of a model 3.

    Sadly, no Amiga emulation on iPhone/iPad.

    Android is of interest to me too and although I probably won’t own a phone, am easily awaiting that rather cool looking Nexus 7 mini tablet. Portable Amiga…oh yes!

    It might be worth talking to an Android user too, so you can make an inform choice.

    Which ever you decide to go for I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of all the casual games and funky apps.

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