More icade goodness.

Woo,looks like the latest iOS gadgets from makers of the iCade are finally starting to appear in online store. Ever since the sneak previews at CES, I’ve been keen to check these out.

Icade Jnr for iPhone.


Tempting, but now as a user of the iPad iCade, wouldn’t this jnr model be relegated to the drawer in favour of a larger screen and more buttons. Looks cool though doesn’t it?

Here’s the one for me, the iCade Mobile, aka the Atari iHandy 🙂 I’ve always like the Atari Lynx, not the slimmer MK2 but the chunky ‘that’s no moon’ Mk1 brick. Thankfully this one probably won’t need a battery change everything you complete a level.

I’m loving the fact that it’s got eight buttons including shoulder buttons so that should be Street Fight II via iMame sorted. Am also loving the rotate feature allowing quick orientation between horizontal and vertical viewing – just like this overacting chap in the video.


Let’s hope that both have quality controls that don’t need a hammer to respond. Definitely worth hunting out to try.


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