iOS retro gaming: Atari classics for free.

40 years ago day, Atari was born and to celebrate their milestone anniversary, for one day only, they’ve have unlocked all of the games bundles for Atari’s greatest hits app for iOS devices and can be downloaded for free.

If you missed the chance when Mame appeared briefly on the app store or have decided not to jailbreak your iOS device, you can’t got wrong with Atari’s offering to get some authentic retro games installed. In fact, even if you have Atari classics running via iMame, check out these bundles anyway as they each game has custom controls designed specifically for touchscreen which makes them much more enjoyable than Mame counterparts running on an iPad/iPhone. For example, touchscreen spinners controls for Tempest or dual control for Battlezone.

Presentation is top notch too with artwork and documents to accompany each game as well as in game bezel overlays and side art.

Atari’s greatest hits is available via iTunes so grab those bundles today whilst the offer lasts.




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