With friends like these…:)

Got to work this morning and sat on my desk was this! No time for morning Coffee StiGGy, go go go!


 Woo-hoo, Raspberr…oh, it was just an empty box 😦
..and to rub salt into the wounds, my fellow co-workers < now laughing at the hilarity of his practical joke > opened his draw and pulled out his own Raspberry Pi board. However, seeing the donuts I’d brought in,he traded me one for a looksee. I.T. Technicians, mercenary boggers 🙂
It’s amazing to think, all that cool tech is wrapped up into such a small parcel and for cost of a hardback book. Although slightly more expensive it was my exact thought  when I had my first ZX81.
Lets hope mine arrives soon. In the meantime, we’ll be playing with this one tomorrow (lunch break of course…probably).
The donuts where great.

2 responses to “With friends like these…:)

  1. Bastards! – Stay behind after they have gone and do a mass format of hard drives, see how they like that as a joke.
    I’m expecting my Pi any day soon too, very exciting!

  2. Great little device, was playing around with it yesterday. We’ve got he O/S up and quite impressed on how nippy it is. I hear Mame might have been ported, still investigating that though.

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