iOS Gaming – Arcadie Arcade

I’d missed a parcel deliverywhilst away for the weekend and so off I skipped to the post office to pick up what i hoped would be my Raspberry Pi. Sadly it wasn’t, but nevermind, it turned out it to be this rather cool tech toy I ordered a few days ago.

The Arcadie-Arcade cabinet for iPhone £GS, 4, 4S and Ipd Touch (3rd Gen).

Simply slot the iPhone into the back of the cabinet, launch one of the freely available arcadie games (via iTunes) and hey presto a mini mini MINI desktop arcade cabinet – no coins ,batteries, cables or bluetooth required, just plug and play.

Looking at the inside I guess it uses these pressure pads to transfer controls to the iPhone touch screen?

Each Arcadie game uses the top half of the screen leaving the bottom half for the control input. I’m already trying to determine where these contact points on the screen for future modding.

Could you image if the API was used to build a custom release of iMame to play original arcade games (two buttoned games of course) Sadly, i can’t see this ever happening but one can surely hope!

Here’s a quick video I made of the Arcadie-Arcade in action. Thanks to my wife for lending me her iPhone so i could video this on my own iPhone…and for putting up with the whooping and a hollering as i racked up the points on Space Invaders.

The cabinet side art/control panel art is simply a printed sticker…i.e. Booting Photoshop to create my own set of art that’s based on a classic arcade cabinet?

Here’s an interesting prospect. Manomio’s C64 emulator for iPhone/Ipad has two viewing modes (three if you count landscape) and with one being that it only uses the top half of the screen. The C64 has a huge library of coin op conversions.


Sadly, it was unplayable because the controls on screen are not relative to the touch screen controls on the iPhone (although not far off ). With my thinking cap on I think I know of a way around for this I’d like to explore and so it’s off to the tool shed to find my hammer.

For more info on the Arcadie-Arcade, please visit –

I got mine from –



2 responses to “iOS Gaming – Arcadie Arcade

  1. On the second game you didn’t calibrate properly. You have to touch the screen before closing.

  2. Thanks buddy, realised what I was doing wrong when I reviewed my video again shortly after posting. Typical me not reading the instructions 🙂

    Kind regards


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