Fantasy arcade.

We’ve just got back from an extra long weekend at the coast and despite the gloomy skies when we arrived on friday morning, things soon brightened up, the weather held and all had a jolly good time.

One of the colourful beach huts I encountered whilst on an nineteen mile ramble along the coast line. Great walking but aching after so many miles on sand. I need more ice cream 🙂


As is the custom when heading out to the coast (well, my custom anyway), i’m always on the lookout for the odd amusement hall in the hope that there might be a classic arcade cab sitting inside. Sadly this time, not a dime. There was an arcade close by and bags of fun it was, it was mainly slots, dance mats and modern whizz bang games. Guitar Hero had to be sample of course 🙂

What was nice to see though was the traditional penny push games and, although in more modern surroundings, Roll Ball, Air Hockey and a classic rifle range.

Despite the lack of vintage tech, the 80’s decor was abundant including plenty of mirrors, bright red neon and dodgy looking wall to wall carpets. At one point, even the noise from umpteen modern game cabs, and with a little imagination, could transport you back to those golden days. It would have only needed just one classic cab to add a bit of nostalgia to the ambient digital soundtrack.

This got me thinking on the way home, if you had to pick just a handful of classic arcade games which sound effects or attract modes brings it all back to you, what would you have in your fantasy arcade?

For me, purely for sound effects I’d have to include.

Gauntlet – classic Atari speech
Outrun – the sound of summer
Moon Cresta – a sound ditty to pierce though all others
Star Wars – more classic Atari speech and a booming death star explosion
Spy Hunter – what more is there to say
TMNT or The Simpsons – modern games but more than welcome in my arcade soundtrack
Galaxians – retro sounds galore
1942 – do……dododo do dooooo.
Wonderboy or Pacland for there looping soundtracks
Double Dragon – a bucket of retro sounds and a must in my arcade.

So many more!

Oh go on then, one more – Daaaaaaaaytoooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaa!


5 responses to “Fantasy arcade.

  1. Very nice! – forgot about Final Fight. What arcade soundtrack would be complete without Guys jumping kick scream, Hagger’s roar or the mocking laugh from that chap on the Mad Gear TV show 😉

  2. Star Wars was a classic of course, but only the sit-down version, with a working controller that hadn’t been ripped from the console by over zealous budding X-wing pilots 🙂
    Also Starforce (best schmup ever!) and Mach 3 (as long as the laserdisc held!)
    I spent every last 10p on these beauties when I was a wee lad 🙂
    Happy plays!

  3. Couldn’t agree more with you on the first two but have not played Mach3…..shall be investigating.

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