Indie Gaming: June Bug Bundle

I’ve just purchased the latest indie game collection called June Bug Bundle from Indie Royale which contains the following top notch indie games.

PixelJunk Eden

Escape Goat (really looking forward to this one)

Noitu Love 2:Devolution

….and Auditorium.

IndieRoyal offer these collections approx once per month and are priced low to begin with encouraging folk to buy early and save or by the generosity of other buyers paying over the minimum price, said price is lowered for others. Great concept for community based purchasing whilst supporting our indie game developers.

I decided to pay a little over the minimum price and received as bonus – 8-Bit Weapon’s latest chip tune album Bit’s with Byte. I’ve been listening to this album via their website since it’s released but now I have the ability to download my own copy to take away in either MP3 or FLAC formats.


For a few quid, the bundle offers great content for a price you set yourself.



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