MS Surface anyone?

Microsoft unveiled their new tablet yesterday and although I’m still ploughing through all of the launch reviews, the photos hitting the net show it looking pretty darn cool. Loving Microsofts take on the Apple smart cover with integral touch keyboard on the back side. Let’s hope it’s actually usable.


Exciting times ahead and one I’ll be following closely. Being MS and,I’m guessing more open than Apple, who knows what opportunities the Surface tablet will provides us retro gaming enthusiasts?

Microsoft have a big opportunity here and although I’d doubt very much they could knock Apple of the spot in the consumer market it’s in the the corporate market that they could really shine considering their dominance as the number one for business/office software.


2 responses to “MS Surface anyone?

  1. It remains to be seen whether they can deliver on their promise or if it will be another damp squib (which nevertheless was able to burn enough of us 10-15 years ago when the supposed TABLET REVOLUTION was going to happen!)

  2. Totally agree. Would be interesting if they decided to go with a single branded model like Apple instead of licensing to multiple vendors because it’s budget crappy tablets that could sour the Windows RT experience.

    Interesting times ahead!…finally 😉

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