PC Indie Gaming: Limbo

Limbo – I have no idea how this one slipped my radar and I’m sure you current gen console gamers are well acquainted with it, but for me, and on my humble PC, this has got to be one of the greatest games I’ve played in a loooooong time! I haven’t played a game from start to finish in one sitting since the original DOS version of Prince of Persia.

If like me, you haven’t heard of Limbo, check out this fan made trailer, pick yourself up off the floor and then head on over to Steam (or the Apple app store for Mac) and prepare to be amazed.

As you can see from watching that,  Limbo’s artistic design is simply outstanding and for me, the best use of a monochromatic palette in any game to date. I just love the vintage photographic elements such as the film grain, soft focus, flickering whites and vignette edges used to create a beautiful yet deadly environment. A dream world with no clues but just the way forward , step by step, bit by bit.

Whatever you want to call it, rag-doll physics etc etc, Limbo has some of the best organic animation I’ve seen in an indie game. Your character runs and jumps about with Flashback grace but it’s the hundreds of  subtle  animation details the creator has included  that makes the character(s) and this oddball place seem almost real. When you see the spider you can’t help but get the heeby-jeebies 🙂

Sound is minimal yet the perfect track for this eerie Limbo world. Lights off, headsphones on!

Pick your way carefully for clues as to what’s going on and solve the numerous puzzles along the way. Achievement is short lived before the appearance of another one to task your brain. Most are not too difficult, yet ingenious and tricky. Some are  white knuckle rides that most will certainly have you on the edge of your seat.

There are many ways to die in Limbo and you will….a lot!. In fact, so amusing are they, you’ll be wantonly throwing yourself into the fray.

Despite Limbos impressive visuals and animation, it’s runs perfectly well and  on my modestly powered PC. I’d guess that any PC under 6 or 7 years wouldn’t have any trouble running this.  Even my Acer 1825ptz  netbook with intergrated graphics had a good stab at it although framerate was vastly improved when I lowered the game resolution (no actual in game option to change resolutions so I used the notes here to edit the ‘settings’  file.).

But enough waffling, go get it and play it right now………you still here?



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