PC Indie Gaming – Invaders:Corruption

Here’s a good old fashion arena blaster for those times when you’ve got five minutes to kill.

Shoot and defend yourself against the never-ending wave of invaders that clash against your ship. Collect power-ups, fly dangerously to fill the frenzy bar and use bombs whenever you are in a tight spot to ensure your continued survival. Can you stand against the dreaded chaser invaders?’

Invaders:Corruption by Manuel van Dyck.

Simple controls – mouse to aim and shoot and re-mappable keys to fly around . Simple,  yet elegant pixel graphics, neon visual effects and a funky chip tune to boot. Immensely playable and  begs for just one more go. Can you beat my high score of 72,475?

I did make this quick video but for some reason the capture software i’m using (HyperCam 2) seems to have ramped up the frame rate.

Here’s my the ‘Benny Hill’ remix version 🙂

..and here’s the original trailer

Available free for Windows & Mac –



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