DivIDE arrives.

Yay, it finally arrived!

ZX Spectrum DivIDE 5.7 with onboard CF adaptor and a Kempston joystick interface board with passthru edge connector, reset button, audio jack and AY chip for playback of those funky chip tunes.


What I wasn’t expecting was the inclusion of a CF card which will come in handy as my others are all tied up in other devices at the moment and It means that I can crack on and play with this from the off. Hopefully, I’ll have some free time this weekend to get one of my speccy’s out of storage and setup on the geek desk.

Until then, my Sinclair fix comes courtesy of Crash online who have released two more Kindle editions of vintage Crash Magazine ( #16 and #17).


4 responses to “DivIDE arrives.

  1. Mmmmm geek porn.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    I’ve just built my own ide interface for my spectrum. It’s only 8 bit and no where near as nice as the divide but I made it internal and just sits in the processor slot.

  2. Thanks jedi P. Hopefully will get to play with it soon. Internal DIY job….veeeery nice!

  3. Thanks buddy, I intend to. My Commodore stuff is sulking in the corner though as the great Sinclair invasion at my geek desk has begun 🙂

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