PC Indie gaming – Sandy Evolution.

This short but sweet (and rather spikey)  shooter is one of a handful of indie games I’ve been playing this weekend. I’m glad I preserved with this one as  it’s artistic style, funky soundtrack and whacky gameplay couldn’t mask the gawd aweful control set and nearly got  uninstalled after the first play.  For games, like this with fixed keyboard controls, give me some old school Q,A,O,P any day. Even modern cursors keys at a push but I’m not a fan of this  W,A,S,D milarky 🙂 Personal choice, I guess but easily resolved with a user configuration option. Sadly, Sandy Evolution doesn’t have one.

However,  once you do get used to them you can really start to enjoy this game….. and enjoy it i did…alot….until it ends….which it does…. rather sharply  😦

Sandy Evolution (great name) plays just like any other horizontal shooter, except after blowing your enemies apart, you can absorb their remains giving you a new look and bigger/better destructive powers.

Transformed into a thing with an orange eye ready to unleash triple 3-way spikey bits!

The action heats up with bits flying around everywhere in bullet hell style and more opportunities to absorb and transform. This time I’m a missile firing giant ‘conker’ thingie.

It’s all gone quiet, but i feel like I’m being watched.

Another transformation and this time into a big mutha cluster bomb spitting ‘that’s right, feel my wrath’ orange eyeball blob.

eek, something has woken up and is a bit on the grumpy side.

Once you’ve beaten the end of level boss, the game finishes. Damn shame really as playing Sandy Evolution  leaves you wanting for more.

Here’s the game in action and a link to download.


5 responses to “PC Indie gaming – Sandy Evolution.

  1. Yup, cracking game. Have since found a handy dandy keyboard to joystick mapper so can now play it with a joypad…much much better!

  2. You sir have inspired me to finish this game. We created it in a 2 month competition, so we could only do one level and it was coded so quickly and horribly that adding content is a pain. I think I will start from the ground up. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, comment here or throw me an email. Thanks for the post! With work and school and other bull shit it may take a while; but ill get on it.
    Ill be sure to add joystick controls.

    -Kurt Waldowski

  3. Holy-crappola with extra spikes bits, that would be fan-‘what the flippin ‘eck is that thing’-tastic 🙂

    Love your style mate, all hail your creativeness nodes, can’t wait to see the next evolution of Sandy.

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