Karate Champ.

I was reading an article posted by the Retro Brothers the other day about the classic arcade game – Karate Champ. A great read itself but it wasn’t until I watched the accompanying youtube video showing the game in action did i take note on how cool and fluid the character animation was. Considering the game was released way way back in1984 it still looks pretty good today and I bet it was a real eye opener back then – especially having the twin joysticks and the rather unique control system.

Sadly, I missed it myself and never came across the cabinet in the arcades I visited. My only recollection of seeing the game in an arcade was via the scene in the movie ‘Bloodsport’ with Guile and that big bloke from Revenge of the Nerds.



It’s been a fun afternoon playing Karate Champ via MAME for the first time and I suspect it would play much better if can hunt out/connect that DIY ‘state of the art’ twin joystick controller thingy I built a few months back 😉

See previous blog post <;https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/diy-retro-dual-stick-controller-part-2/>;

It also plays really well under emulation on my iPad – The single virtual joystick and two buttons takes some getting used to though and it plays much better on the iCade.


I also found that there’s a dedicated iPhone/iPad Karate Champ app that goes some way to recreating the original twin stick setup and what appears to be a rather novel split screen two player mode – Will be definitely checking this one out soon.

I’ve also been having a laugh with this remake of sorts for PC/Windows. The comedy sound effects and pixel blood are quite funny for a while and it’s even got LAN netplay. It’s not a patch on the original though.

Getting ones nose bent out of shape!

Karate Champ…top game….but you already knew that!



4 responses to “Karate Champ.

  1. Yeah, haven’t watched it in ages so fired it up the other night. Bolo Yeung has got to be the best badass bad baddy you good ever wish for 🙂

  2. Cool! I want to watch again myself after reading your post. 🙂 It was quite an exciting movie back then. Speaking of which.. they don’t make films like they used to. 😉

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