ZX Spectrum addons and a slice of Pi

Yay, it looks like June is going to be a great month for new tech toys.

Firstly, I received and update email  from Poland to advise that my new DIV IDE board for my ZX Spectrum’s has been shipped. I ordered this way way back in November last year and had the choice of having the, then, current model or wait out for the new and improved version. Not in any rush i decided to wait but as it happens, production has taken longer than expected. As a gesture of good will, the guy responsible for creating these little beauties has also included a brand new Spectrum joystick adaptor with pass through edge connector so it can be used without tieing up the Sepctrums cartridge port i.e can use a joystick and DIV IDE on older model ZX Spectrum.

So what is a DIV IDE? Well it’s a mass storage device (SD or CF) for ZX Spectrum computers allowing for software to run directly from modern storage cards almost in an instance. Just think how many games will fit on a single 4gb SD card!

For more info, and to place an order yourself, please visit Lothareks Lair 

…and secondly, after waiting flippin ages and ages since sitting in the kitchen at stupid O’clock in the morning on the infamous  release day of the Raspberry Pi, mine has finally been shipped and expected any day now. Many of my friends have already recieved there’s and I for one  cannot wait to mess around with it.



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