iOS retro gaming: Wolfenstein 3D free!

Twenty years? Surely not…yup, Wolfenstein 3D celebrates its 20th year anniversary this month which makes me feel very old. Ok, so i often play games that are much older than 1992 but for me Wolfenstein seems like it was only yesterday I was sat at college spending far too much time on it with my buddies instead of study.

To celebrate this milestone I’ve been returning to the grand daddy of FPS games with a view to finishing itbthis time on iPad – running iDOS (emulator) the original DOS version of the game. It’s great for a quick,on the move, nostalgia trip but the PC to Touchscreen controls can be a little frustrating sometimes.

As chunky as chunky peanut butter….with extra chunky chunks.


Thanks to the feed from Touch Arcade I was notified that an iOS conversation of the game is being offered on the app store for free for a limited time. Fanfare!

Controls have been tweaked for touch screen and work much better here than in iDOS – although there’s no substitute for a proper keyboard though.

Graphics have been tweaked slightly to remove some of the pixelation and at first I though, hmm, I would have left them alone but after a while (and certainly going back to the original) they’re a bit easier on the eyes…or that could be the old age again 🙂


If you’re reading this post and thinking, I want a bit of classic Wolfenstein action right now, then head on over to where you can play a browser based version. You’ll be in the thick of it in no time.

You’ll also find link to this great interview with John Carmack.

Happy hunting.


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