Crash Magazine #15 (Kindle Issue) – April 1985


It’s been a while since the last digitally transcribed edition (Kindle/.mobi format) of Crash Magazine has been released but issue 15 is a well worth the wait and as blind luck would have it, coming so close to the Speccy’s 30th anniversary there’s the start of a four part interview with Sir Clive Sinclair himself.

Pick up a copy for your Kindle, Kindle app or .mobi file reader and go back to 1985.


2 responses to “Crash Magazine #15 (Kindle Issue) – April 1985

  1. Very true, although camera pointed at portable tv screen to grab a blurred screenshot for the magazine won’t be missed 🙂

    I like to read old articles about, say for example a (then) new game or piece of hardware that, as time would tell would completely fail. For example, remember the pages and pages and pages devoted to Rise of the Robots, the high tech Konix Multi System, the Sinclair QL or the wonders of virtual reality and the revolutionary ‘be in the movie’ FMV games 🙂

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