Stunt Car Racer Win32

Thanks to the heads up from Commodore is Awesome for this one – a Windows conversion of classic Amiga game – Stunt Car Racer.

Although still a WIP, the game is very much playable and great fun. It uses the original map data and sound effects from the Amiga (best) version and is pretty much spot on. There’s also a few extra options included animated track maps, changeable background scenery, reverse track mode and a frame rate toggle for authentic or silky smooth game play.

All it needs now is a the Stunt Car overlay graphics and the league options and it’ll be perfect.  Woo….TCP/Internet multiplay would be great wouldn’t it? No more lugging around that heavy A500/TV to your mates…and forgetting to bring the null modem cable 🙂

StiGGy vs Woody – A500 vs A600 🙂 Great game, made even better with two.

Here’s a short video of me taking it for a spin.

Stunt Car Racer Win32

You can download Stuntcar Racer Win32 here –


8 responses to “Stunt Car Racer Win32

  1. ….and Tie Fighter?

    Incidentally. Have you tried the Amiga version under emulation on your Andy-Tab? If so, what is it like?

  2. Ahhhhh, yes indeed… and Tie fighter.
    Not tried the Ami version on the Tab, but will have to sort that out… I’ll let you know 🙂

  3. One of my favourite Amiga games, in fact I even liked the terrible spectrum version. Why has this never been ported to windows before?!? One of those obvious things that just took a long time to occur to someone I suppose. Bring on a xbox multiplayer version or even IPad!

  4. Hey there! Yep it’s one of my all time favourite too and you get my vote for an iPad version! Just think of the multiplayer fun that could be had with today’s tech….although seeing two Amiga’s talking together is kinda cool!

  5. Have to add that having played this for an hour or so, I am sorely tempted to see if I can get hold of the source code to finish it. Shame it seems to be a dead project. Configurable keys, joypad/stick support and the graphical finishing touches would make this amazing.

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