All work and no play….Genetos.

Yay, bank holiday weekend is finally here (well, a bit early for me as I’ve got tomorrow off too) and boy am I ready for a mini break. The past few weeks has been busy both at home and at work and so haven’t had chance to indulge in a bout of classic gaming. However, tied to my netbook, I have, occasionally been lured away from the norm and a quick dip into the wonderful world of Botanicula.

If you haven’t come across this cool looking and hilarious point n click adventure game, you really need to check it out. It’s out in Windows, Mac and Linux flavours (rumours of a future iOS port) and can be brought for whatever you decide….huh? Yep, you set the price to pay so contribute whatever you like. Pay a little higher than the average submitted price and get access to a boat full of extras. I like this – Show your support to the indie developers!


I’ve also been blasting away at this great shoot-em-up called Genetos. Like most shooters, the object is to simply blast away, rack up the score whilst avoid being hit. Genetos’ unique charm is that it celebrates the evolution of the shoot-em-up genre with the game starting off reminiscent of those early 8-bit game and slowly evolving into a eye candy rich super bullet hell shooter. Basic left right control evolves to full 8-way, sound from blips to electronic asian coolness, static gallery screens to vertical scrolling, weapons from single pixels to plasma and multiple attack modes.

Like me, if you’re someone has grown up with schmups from the 70’s onwards either in the arcade or home computers/consoles, i think you’ll get a kick out if this one.

For MS Windows –

P.s I cannot get the theme tune from the final level out of my head. Been humming it for days!


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