Indie Gaming: Apple Shooter & Gun Blood.

Found these little gems during lunch break today on the Chrome web browser’s webstore.

Both are fun, gory, hilarious, gory, a quick path to the dark side of the force and gory.

The first is Apple Shooter and the object is use your bow and arrow to shoot the apple that’s balanced on to of your friends head . Aim too high and you’ll miss. Aim to low and…well, it gets a bit….red! Move the bow with your mouse and mouse click to set the amount of power.

Here’s me having  go. I was doing o.k for a while and then something snapped 🙂

The second game, is called Gun Blood is even more fun…and gory.

Pick an opponent and get ready for some pistols at dawn action.

Move your mouse pointer over the gun bullets, wait for the countdown 3…2…1, lift up your mouse cursor to draw your gun and shoot the crap out of your opponent. Be quick or be dead.

Don’t forget, you might be hit in the leg and be on the floor but if you’re still able too you can still let off a shot or two.

This game really does get red…quickly 🙂

Sheriff StiGGy


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